Outdoor Living Areas in Ontario, CA

Outdoor Living Areas Ontario, CA Creating the perfect outdoor space involves a significant amount of planning. You need to conduct some research on what types of features, products, and materials are available on the market. It is also a good idea to gather some information on outdoor design trends. But these things will only give you some basic understanding of what you can build and how to go about it.

The actual designing and installing any outdoor feature involve hiring experienced professional outdoor living design experts like us at Assemble Construction. We are a leading company in this industry and handle deck, patio cover, and pergola installations in Ontario, CA. Here is a detailed look at the services we offer:


Decks are a trendy outdoor living installation on residential properties. These structures can be constructed in any area of your yard and can connect various indoor spaces to the outdoors. Since the feature is open to the air, care must be taken to plan it well and use weather-resistant materials in the construction.
We offer start-to-end deck design and installation services. Our deck designers in Ontario, CA, are highly skilled and make sure that the feature they plan for you is perfect in every way. They will ensure it’s proportionated to your yard space and that the materials used complement the appeal of your landscape and home.

Patio Covers

While it's always a pleasure to spend time in an open yard, the weather conditions may not always be perfect enough to allow you to do so. So, even if you have a well-designed patio in your yard, inclement weather may keep you from using it optimally. It's why we recommend that you get a patio cover installed. This is a simple yet useful feature that provides some shade to the patio space.

It allows you to use the patio at different times of the day and in various seasons without restriction. While shade sails are a common addition on patios, these do not provide adequate protection when the weather is windy or rainy. We can design and install patio covers in Ontario, CA, made from materials such as wood, aluminum, composite, etc.


If you want to maintain the openness of your patio, deck, or yard space, but want some shade in it, a pergola is a right solution. This simple structure has beams supported on four columns. We provide custom pergolas in Ontario, CA. Our team can design these in the style you want and will make sure that the construction is sturdy. We can create different types of pergola styles, including arched, open-top, gabled, pitched, and you can choose from materials like composite, wood, aluminum, and vinyl, based on your budget and styling requirements.

Regardless of the outdoor living feature or home remodeling job you want; we are the experts that handle the job to your 100% satisfaction. Assemble Construction can provide the best deck construction in Ontario, CA, at competitive pricing. For more information, call us at 909-235-2645 or send requests and queries through this Contact Us form.

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