Room Additions

Room Additions Ontario, CA Assemble Construction is an expert in home improvements and remodeling. Our company can cater to all our clients’ needs – from total home renovation to simple room additions. For years, we have worked on this kind of project and have served hundreds of residents across California. Our expert room installation benefited clients in Ontario, CA, and surrounding areas. The rooms we have installed have made a huge impact on our clients’ daily lives by making their homes more functional, safer, and more inviting.

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Our Systematic Home Improvement Process

We won’t be the trusted company that we are now if we work haphazardly and produce subpar results. Our crews here at Assemble Construction achieve great results for our clients by carefully planning and collaborating with them throughout the entire process. We consider several factors when working on the design plan like the following:

  • Needs of the client. When working on room additions, we ask specifically what room the client needs to be added. Is it a study room? A playroom? A man cave? Knowing what rooms the client wants makes planning, design, and installation easier for us.

  • Design preferences. We also consider our clients’ design preferences when doing the design plan. We ask whether they want a modern touch or a traditional look instead. We also take into consideration the existing design or layout of the house to ensure that the rooms will not become an eyesore.

  • The kind of materials to be used. It’s vital to consider the materials that the clients prefer to be used for their new rooms. For example, we ask whether the client wants tiles instead of vinyl for the flooring, or whether the client prefers paint to wallpaper.

  • The amenities, furniture and fixtures to add. These things must be considered since they could greatly influence the overall cost of the room addition. We ask clients the specific furniture, fixtures, and amenities that they want to be added to the rooms so we could give them an honest project cost estimate.

  • The available space. The last thing that we want to happen is to build large rooms when there is very little space to be left. Instead, we see to it that the available space is just enough for the new rooms to be added to avoid making clients’ homes cramped.

  • Budget. We put great care in ensuring that we won’t go over our clients’ budget when installing the rooms that they need. Our goal has always been to work with their financial capability and achieve budget surplus whenever possible.

Excellently Designed Room Additions

Our skilled crews can add practically all kinds of rooms that clients can possibly desire. Here are some of the room additions that we can work on for clients from Ontario, CA and surrounding areas:

  • Guest room
  • Entertainment room
  • Nursery room
  • Home office
  • Study or library
  • Family room
  • Man/woman cave

The kinds of rooms that we can add are limited only by our clients’ imagination and specific needs. Please call 909-235-2645, and let us work on your desired room additions soon. You can also send us an email through this Contact Us form and one of our team members will call you shortly to discuss your project details.

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